Donavon School Committee

The Donavon School Committee is researching the upgrade/remodeling of the Donavon School. 

There are funds from the Government which could be used to refurbish the building. The Donavon School Committee has inquired about those funds and the policies are very strict. 

An alternate recourse would be to turn the property over to the RM and see what happens.

If the Committee continued on overseeing the building, the first order of business would be to ask the RM to designate the hall as a heritage building site. After that an application for funding could begin. 

The Donavon School Committee would certainly appreciate your input and ideas.

The Committee has spoken to the RM Clerical Staff about adding a link to their website to make suggestions or comments, or you can send your thoughts by letter to the RM Office for the Council to discuss with the Donavon School Committee.

Also, we are looking for new members to assume the positions of President and Secretary.  New people mean new ideas.  We are hoping there is interest which will be generated from asking for your assistance in saving the Donavon School Building.

If you know of anyone who may be interested, please let us know.  We will be having a Spring Meeting to discuss how to move forward and elect new officers.

Please fill out the below questionnaire to help our Committee decide the Schools future.

Donavon School Survey
Are you in favor of having the Donavon School designated as a Heritage Site?
Would you support the renovating of the Donavon School Building?

Physical Address:
1st Avenue North,
Donavon, SK

Mailing Address:
PO Box 129,
Delisle, SK  S0L 0P0