Assessment & Taxation

Making a Payment Toward Your Taxes or Other Accounts

RM-Office-InteriorOnline banking is available. The owner number on your tax notice is used as your account number with the municipality.

We are able to accept these payments using Telpay, an online service that allows you to pay us directly from your bank account. It only takes 3-4 business days to get set up and approved. Once you are approved, you can login as an existing customer at at any time to pay an invoice.

To set up an account go to and click on “Get Started” under new customers. The municipality’s Biller Code is 0083997. You will need the biller code number to make a payment.

Cash, cheques, money orders and debit only payments (unable to accept credit card payments) can be made at the RM office or mail your cheques or money orders to:
R.M. of Montrose No. 315
Box 129
Delisle, SK   S0L 0P0


The property assessment notices are sent out in April or May each year to the properties that have had a change in assessment from the previous year. There is a thirty day period each year in which any assessed owner may file an appeal against their property assessment.

SAMA View is a web site for accessing property assessment information. Access SAMA View, by viewing the SAMA web site at and click on the SAMA View logo.


Tax notices are sent out in July or August each year and the taxes are due on December 31st each year.

There are incentives for early tax payment through tax discount periods. Discount periods are as follows:

  • January 1st to September 30th is eligible for a 5% discount
  • October 1st to October 31st is eligible for a 4% discount
  • November 1st to November 30th is eligible for a 2% discount.

Taxes remaining unpaid on January 1st of the following year become tax arrears. Tax arrears are subject to a penalty of 1.5% for every month that they remain unpaid. After January 1st a list of tax arrears, excluding properties that have less than half of the previous year’s taxes outstanding, is presented to the head of council. The list is advertised in an issue of a paper circulated within the municipality and sixty days after the advertisement of the list, a tax lien is registered against all properties on the list that still have tax arrears outstanding.

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