Planning & Development

Development Permits

All new construction within the municipality requires a Development Permit. Farm buildings which include barns, sheds and granaries do not require a Development Permit but must meet the setback requirements of the Zoning Bylaw. Farm dwellings do require a Development Permit.

The Development Permit allows the municipality to ensure that the new development meets all requirements for the zoning district in which the development will occur. You can download a Development Permit application or contact the RM office.  Please ensure all questions are answers on page 3 to ensure we have the correct information for recommendation.  Applications must be received 2 weeks prior to our regularly scheduled council meeting to ensure it is placed on the agenda.  

Please ensure that a Development Permit approval is issued before any construction begins.


Information and application forms for subdivision can be downloaded at

Proposed Bylaws

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The municipality did pass an Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws 2016 on October 24 2016 but it is currently being revised.  

Amended Official Community Plan

Amended Zoning Bylaws

Incorporated December 13, 1909